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Seven villages within boundaries, the town of Barnstable has attained unique, significant, historical and cultural qualities due to this. Centerville is located on the south side and basically residential sight which includes beautiful and Best Beaches in Cape Cod and Christian Camp Meeting Association. Osterville is situated on the southern edge and primarily residential and include harbors, inlets for boating and fishing. Hyannis is the commercial/central business district which includes several shopping malls and numerous town offices. Besides, Hyannis is a fishing village too and its harbors offer steamship access to the Nantucket and Martha’s Islands.

Marston Mills is residential and located on Route number 28. Cotuit is the village located on the cape of southern edge and specifically used for residential purposes and have numerous small Public Beaches Cape Cod. West Barnstable is the situated on the northern side, purely residential and thinly populated too. Barnstable is on the northern edge and houses Complex County, besides having numerous working harbors, small beaches, and numerous natural attractions too.

Barnstable Information – Best Public Beaches in Barnstable

Information about Public beaches present in Barnstable

Southeastern Massachusetts is located in the position which can be best described as the biceps of Cape Cod Arm. Surrounded by Cape Cod Bay on the northern edge, Nantucket on South, Mashpee, and Sandwich on west and Yarmouth on East. Located 53 miles east of the Fall River, 69 miles from southeast Boston and 250 miles away from New York City. At 367 Main Street of Hyannis, Town Hall is located and it the working number is 508-862-4600

Name Address Telephone Town/Village Description
Cape Bowling 441 Main St. 508-775-3411 Hyannis No Description Available
Cape Cod At Your Service Tours 508-775-5940 Hyannis Full/half day Custom Tours
Cape Cod Baseball 449 Braggs Lane 508-432-6909 Barnstable
Cape Cod Carousel 541 Main Street 508-790-0167 Hyannis No Description Available
Cape Cod Central RailRoad 252 Main St. 508-771-3800 Hyannis No Description Available
Cape Cod Conservatory of Music & Arts Route 132 508-362-2772 Barnstable No Description Available
Cape Cod Duckmobiles Land & Sea Tours 437 Main St. 508-790-2111 Hyannis
Cape Cod Mall Route 132 508-771-0200 Hyannis
Cape Cod Maritime Museum 135 South Street 508-775-1723 Hyannis
Cape Cod Melody Tent 21 West Main Street 508-775-5630 Hyannis No Description Available