Name Address Telephone Town/Village Description
A Sea Captain's Home 79 Cross Street (508) 945-1985 Chatham Ship's Light is a gracious 1825 home two blocks from downtown C
Antique Cape in Chatham 158 Pleasant Street (508) 430-2961 Chatham  
Bow Roof Guest House Queen Anne Rd. 508-945-1346 Chatham No Description Available
Bradford Inn 26 Cross St. 508-945-1030 Chatham No Description Available
Captain's House Inn of Chatham 371 Old Harbor Rd. (508) 945-0127 Chatham No Description Available
Carriage House Inn 407 Old Harbor Rd. 508-945-4688 Chatham  
Chatham Bakery & Cafe 69 Crowell Road 508-945-3229 Chatham  
Chatham Bars Inn 297 Shore Rd. 508-945-0096 Chatham  
Chatham Guest Rooms 1409 Main Street 508-945-1660 Chatham Located in a restored farmhouse on Main Street, 1.5 miles from downtown, close to restaurants and shops and within a mile of several stunning beaches.
Chatham Highlander 946 Main St. 508-945-9038 Chatham No Description Available