Covid19 Response

Since I was a child I new I also wanted to live on Cape Cod.  For me it represented beauty, tranquility and safety.  I made that conscious decision int 1951.  In 1979, I actualized that childhood dream made some 28 years earlier.  I have never regretted that choice for a minute.  In fact, I’ve embraced it, and in 1995 I founded, Cape Cod’s first online tourisms website. This is a devotion of a Childs dream to explore and discover the essence of this unmatched oasis of beauty, tranquility and safety that is as true today as it was some 69 years ago.

We all recognize that this Covid-19 virus has changed things.  The most important thing we can do today is self quarantine, and stay healthy.  This is taking its toll on us all.  The Tourism community is in limbo.  We’re doing all those things to take care of ourselves here, as you are, wherever that may be. None of us anywhere would want to be responsible for the further spread of this disease.  However, this too will pass.  

So my message to you is this.  When you are ready we will be here in a totally unique way.  Cape Cod is a self-actualized and self-driven vacation where you will be able. to incorporate the beauty, tranquility, and safety that I have found here since I was child.

Stay healthy and safe.

Steve Lipman, Publisher


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