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The Town of Harwich is a resort and residential community located on the south side of the Cape peninsula, with an extensive shoreline on Nantucket Sound. It was settled around 1665, and incorporated in 1694. Its early economy included agriculture and maritime industries and its history has included boom and bust cycles from the earliest days of the community. When the whaling industry collapsed with the discovery of oil, the community’s emphasis shifted to cod fishing. By 1802, 15 to 20 ships were shore fishing and another four ships were cod fishing in Newfoundland and Labrador, and by 1851, there were 48 ships employing 577 men and bringing in thousands of tons of cod and mackerel. The eventual decline of the fishing industry in Harwich by the latter part of the 19th century was caused by increases in the size of ships which eventually outstripped the shallow port’s ability to house them. Residents turned to the development of cranberry bogs and resorts for summer visitors, working side-by-side with Portuguese immigrants. The first resort hotel opened in 1880 and both the cranberry and the tourist industries remain substantial parts of Harwich’s economy in the present. In 1775, when Separatists and Baptists outnumbered Orthodox Congregationalists, Harwich burghers felt independent enough to refuse to support a minister with public tax monies and they continued refusing to do so for 18 years. The town showed religious diversity from the first, including residents who are Baptists, Methodists, Reformed Methodists (anti-Episcopal), Wesleyans and Catholics, among others. Commercial, motel and condominium development has been intense along the Route 28 corridor and suburban development has significantly decreased the remaining agricultural landscape, but the town retains much of its 19th century character, including period Portuguese farmhouses.

Town Location

Southeastern Massachusetts, on the southeast portion of Cape Cod. Bordered by Dennis on the west, Brewster and Orleans on the north, Chatham on the east, and Nantucket Sound on the south. Harwich is about 12 miles from Hyannis, 70 miles east of Fall River, 82 miles southeast of Boston, and 260 miles from New York City. Town offices are located at 732 Main street, Harwich, MA 02645. The Main number is 508-430-7513.

Name Address Telephone Town/Village Description
Lions Head Inn 186 Belmont Rd. 508-432-7766 Harwich A bed and breakfast inn of distinction
Ruggie's 707 Main 508-432-0625 Harwich  
Sandpiper Beach Inn 16 Bank St. 508-432-0485 Harwich Port Conveniently located on Nantucket Sound with there own Private Beach. Sandpiper Beach Inn caters to families of all sizes.
Seadar Inn By The Sea 1 Braddock Ln.  508-432-0264 Harwich Picturesque colonial inn on Nantucket Sound and the Atlantic Ocean
Stone Horse Motel Rte. 28 508-430-2220 Harwich 21 clean rooms with a large variety of sizes. A/C, Pool, refrig, microwave, Laundry, continental breakfast. Less than 10 minute walk from Red River Beach.
Tern Inn 91 Chase St. 508-432-3714 Harwich Cape Cod as it should be.
The Platinum Pebble Boutique Inn 186 Belmont Road 508-432-7766 Harwich : Cape Cod Bed and Breakfast near beach. Swimming pool and luxury accommodation. Romantic getaway close to island ferries, Chatham, golf, whale watching, bike trails. A unique Cape Cod inn in Harwich.
Wequassett Resort & Golf Rt. 28 1-800-225-7125 East Harwich Over the years, Wequassett Inn has been the preferred destination for those who expect something more from a vacation on the Cape.
Willow House-Guests 23 Willow St. 508-432-2517 Harwich No Description Available
Winstead Inn & Beach Resort 4 Braddock Ln. 508-432-4444 Harwich Port No Description Available
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