Name Address Telephone Town/Village Description
Orleans Cycle 26 Main St (508) 255-9115 Orleans  
Orleans Firebirds P.O.Box 504 (508) 255-8380 Orleans baseball clinics for boys and girls ages 6-13
Orleans Historical Society 3 River Road 508-240-1329 Orleans No Description Available
Rock Harbor Charters P.O. Box 1070 (508) 255-9757 Orleans  
Roxy Sportfishing Rock Harbor (508) 255-5605 Orleans  
Stunmai II - Cape Cod Bay Charters Box 1196, (508) 255-6211 Orleans  
The Hook-Up! #85 Rt. 6-A, Lowell Square 508-240-0778 Orleans Unique charter service consisting of three custom sportfishing boats, strategically located on Cape Cod
Triton Sportfishing Rock Harbor 508-255-1289 Orleans Cape Cod Bay Striped Bass & Bluefish Trips- May Offshore Codfish Trips 136 Rt. 6A 58-247-0357 Orleans  
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