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Each region of Cape Cod offers a completely different vacation experience. In general The Cape is divided into 4 regions. The regions start with The Upper Cape and then progressively works their way down to The Lower Cape. The Upper Cape has a more suburban populous because of its proximity to the mainland. It is also the area where pilgrim settlers first inhabited Cape Cod. The Upper Cape provides a wide range of beaches, historic landmarks, and provides a closure proximity to the mainland. The Mid-Cape is our most populated region, and tourism activities abound. Here you will be able to explore the villages of Hyannis, and Hyannisport, as well as this vast array of activities for the entire family. The Outer Cape is where you will begin to experience a slower pace, with less populated beaches and more space to explore with a greater emphasis on nature. The town of Brewster, Chatham Harwich, and Orleans are by-in-large what makes up the Outer Cape region. Finally, the Lower Cape. The Lower Cape is where the Cape Cod National Seashore Begins. Here you will find the sand dunes, quint villages, and a far more isolated time to experience the grander of Cape Cod's rustic charm and environments. The Lower Cape is where you will also find one of our most creative and diverse communities, Provincetown.
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